Place a simple coloured border round your picture


Would you like to put a thin or tick coloured line all round your picture to enhance it, quickly and easily?

  1. Open a picture.
  2. Select the Rectangular Marquee tool (M on your keyboard) and draw a marquee from corner to corner on your picture.
  3. Select 2 different paint colours for the paint colour boxes on your toolbar, normally black and white. Just click on them one at a time and change to colour to say red and green
  4. Go to Select – Modify and Border then you will get a small box labelled border selection. Put the figure 10 in the little text box, you can make it smaller if you wish, this is just to show you what can be done.
  5. Hold down the left hand Alt key on your keyboard and hit the Delete key (Yes – The Delete Key) and release both keys.
  6. Now hit the Ctrl D, to de-select, and there you have a coloured border line round your image. This works equally well with the Elliptical tool, should you want to use it.
  7. Click Ctrl Alt Z several times will take you back where you started.
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James Middleton

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