Introducing James Middleton

Web designer, developer & imaging specialist

James Middleton - Web Designer

In 2012, web designer and developer James Middleton set up the Dawlish-based design company Short Fuse Creative Ltd.  With over 15 years’ experience, James has continually invested time to ensure he firmly remains on the front line of on-line technology. He is an expert in search engine optimisation, content management and website portability.

“Customers are often faced with a bewildering range of choices and use internet research to help them identify the one which is most appropriate to their needs.

Although an increasing number of businesses do in fact understand this, owning a website with a robust content management framework has represented an unbearable financial investment.

With the emergence of more accessible technologies, such as those offered by WordPress, and with appropriate and strategic guidance, businesses can capitalise on the power of the internet, to focus customers on their products or services.

The key to success returns to traditional marketing: you, your ideas and your customers.” James Middleton, Creative Director of Short Fuse Creative.

The progression of a designer

I started my creative career in 1996 as a Digital Imaging Specialist, working with Adobe Photoshop. I restored and manipulated images for a large photographic laboratory (Colab) on a full-time basis.

After a couple of years, I became an apprentice Graphic Designer for an exhibition firm from which I learnt a great deal about both typography and illustration. During this time, I began to develop a professional interest in web design. I conducted evening courses on Adobe Photoshop and web design at a local college, Art Museum and later, a University.

In 2004, I became the Manager of Advertising for a technical recruitment agency. My Adobe Photoshop and graphic design skills were used to create hundreds of eye-catching posters and adverts. I became responsible for maintaining and developing the company’s website; a role which later gave me the opportunity to redesign a huge, data-driven platform using PHP and MySQL.

In 2006, I set myself up as a freelance web designer, trading as Turning Turnip Web Design. This role later came to fruition in 2012 at the emergence of my current company, Short Fuse Creative Ltd. I now have become a specialist developer and lecturer on the subject of WordPress and bespoke web development.

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