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UK-Based PHP Developer - James Middleton

Expert in HTML, CSS, PHP & JQuery

Meet James, the man behind Short Fuse Creative

James Middleton

Web Designer, Developer & Trainer

Hire our PHP developer to support any part of your PHP/MySQL web project. James Middleton is highly experienced in both PHP development and working with MySQL databases. He has been programming with PHP/MySQL since 2001 and is currently based in Devon, UK. He has considerable experience in a broad range of PHP processes, including CMS/LMS development, OOP, WordPress and Shopify.

In recent years, James has supported a large number of highly dynamic and responsive web development projects across the UK. Some of his clients include Growth Engineering Ltd, Blot Schools and The Devon Wildlife Trust.

PHP development services

James can assist you with the following PHP development services:

  • Data storage and retrieval via a MySQL database.
  • Form generation and data capture.
  • Data analysis and reporting.
  • Advanced aggregate reporting and chart displays.
  • CRM development.
  • Gamification.
  • Blog development.
  • Emailing Systems.
  • PHP for mobile application.
  • WordPress plugin & theme development.

Why Hire James for your PHP projects?

James has been working with PHP and MySQL since 2001. During this time, he has developed a number of high-end, data-rich reporting systems. He take an OOP approach (Object Orientated Programming), combined with a clear, instruction-tagged coding ethic. This enables other team members or parties to contribute, further develop or inherit any code developed by James.

He has understands the many challenges faced in developing with PHP and MySQL. James has worked along side many different types of enterprise, giving him the ability to assess and deliver the optimal solution for each assignment.

His flexible approach to PHP development, provides a great return on investment. James is committed to simplifying any business process, via his programming knowledge. He uses this ethic to great effect, minimising unnecessary processes to build an elegant business solution.

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