Mobile responsive design

Mobile responsive? My site looks great!

So, you have a website. You love the way it looks and works. You don’t want to change a thing,  apart from perhaps one thing; it’s not mobile friendly!

You have heard the rumour – it’s all true!

As of 21st April 2015, Google is rewarding every website that is mobile-ready! If your website is not adaptive on any other device but your desktop computer, then not only are you missing this Google-bonus, you will also be losing valuable custom. Google reports that more of their users are submitting searches with mobile devices than desktop computers!

A painless conversion solution from £250!

We can turn any website into a mobile friendly, responsive and optimised business machine! We’ll adapt your existing site and get you aboard the mobile express! Choo-choo!

Confused? Take a look at the following terms commonly used within the mobile-web industry:

Mobile friendly

Improvements both in terms of performance and usability:

  • Phone numbers are link-able for quick-dial.
  • Email address trigger email client applications.
  • A physical address can interact with mapping systems.

Responsive web design

Covering all bases by encouraging the design to fit within any screen size.

  • Layout flexes to any screen size, whether desktop, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Elements can be hidden/revealed above or below any given screen size.
  • Menu systems can be swapped for mobile friendly drop-downs below certain screen sizes.

Mobile optimised

For an extra level of mobile-friendliness, web content can be tailored for viewing on a pre-defined array of mobile devices.

  • Exchanging larger, slower loading content, for smaller, optimised content for mobile phones.
  • Allowing users to have the option of viewing the desktop version of your website.
  • Minimising on user clicks or the need to type, with simplified options.

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