Are you looking for a basic WordPress installation and set up, but you are on a tight budget? Let’s us know what you are after and we will do all of the technical work for you.

1. We’re here to help

Our WordPress website starter set up service will guide you in buying a domain and web-space to *host your website. We will also install and set up WordPress, along with all of the latest and most useful plugins, themes and configurations.

2. All of the basics

As a bonus, we provide guide pages to help steer you through the construction of the most common page types. These pages will include Home, About, Contact, Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

3. Get Ready!

This service offers you a “blank canvas” WordPress website on which you can unleash your creativity. All of this and peace of mind for only £30!

Get in touch

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*To take advantage of this service, you will need to register through our recommended, low-cost host. This service is partly subsidised through an affiliate program. Server/domain costs are not included in this offer. Please get in touch for more information.